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Nudge Academy is a free resource teaching professionals how simple mobile health technologies like apps, wearables, and the Nudge Coach System are finally making it easy to enhance patient/client compliance and accountability from anywhere. Even if you aren't tech-savvy, using these tools is easier than you'd think. Sign in and enjoy this valuable free resource provided by Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk and the Nudge Coach team.

This is a private community for participants in the 8-week intensive Mentored Launch Program with Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk, Matt Essex and the rest of the Nudge Mentorship and Lifestyle Program Implementation Team.
New video each week on a key industry topic. Free Nudge Coach Pilot Accounts are available upon request here. Schedule a setup call with us here - no credit card required.
Welcome to Nudge Academy! Meet your instructor, Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk and learn the big picture concepts that will help you achieve better compliance, accountability and results with clients using mobile health technology.
Nudge Academy Level 2 lets you begin to dive deeper with Dr. Steve to see how the Nudge App can help you more easily and effectively tap into mobile health data with your clients to empower them, and yourself to achieve more success together.
Part 1 of Nudge Academy Level 3 focuses on the client experience, from being introduced to wearables to setting up and using the Nudge App. Understand the client's perspective and how they experience coaching through the Nudge Coach System.
Part 2 of Nudge Academy Level 3 focuses on the coaching experience in the Nudge Coach System. Learn how to set up your Nudge Coach account for success, leverage key tools and features, and get the most out of it with every client.
This show exists because every health, healthcare and fitness innovator deserves a better business model. Your hosts and founders of Nudge, Phil Beene and Mac Gambill interview innovators in healthcare, fitness and technology to uncover the guiding principles of sustainable growth in a new era of health innovation. Convenient access to these episodes are a free bonus for Nudge Academy members.
Accelerator Online is the self-driven, online portion of your training to get you ready to take full advantage of integrating digital coaching technology into your health engagement model.